KOHEN, ELEAZAR BEN ZE'EV WOLF (d. 1883), Polish rabbi and author. Kohen was the son-in-law of jacob lorbeerbaum . He served as rabbi in Makow, Pultusk, Plock, and finally in Sochaczew. Among his pupils were aaron walden , author of Shem ha-Gedolim he-Ḥadash (1864), to which he gave an approbation. Kohen wrote Zikhron Nifla'ot, a commentary on the Passover Haggadah (1880) and a commentary on Avot (1889). His novellae on the Shulḥan Arukh, the Talmud, and Maimonides were published by his son Joshua under the title Ḥiddushei Maharakh (2 vols., 1897–1913). He published a number of eulogies on contemporary rabbis, among them Zekher Ẓaddik Yesod Olam (1866) on Isaac Meir Alter. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: L. Lewin, Geschichte der Juden in Lissa (1904), 223; Eẓ Avot, bound with Eleazar Kohen, Ḥiddushei Maharakh, 2 (1913, repr. 1969). (Samuel Abba Horodezky)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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